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Decimius Magnus Ausonius (c. A.D. 310-395) was tutor to the emperor Gratian, and consul AD 379. The Mosella was composed at Treves towards the close of 370. It was popular, according to Symmachus 1.14: volitat tuus Mosella per manus sinusque multorum, divinis a te versibus consecratus. The best MS is SGall. 899, saec. x/xi, next Bruxell. 5370. See Teuffel.

Online editions:

  • Die Moselle des Decimus Magnus Ausonius, ed. Carl Hosius (Marburg: N.G. Elwert'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1894), with a text and excellent notes in German. [1]
  • D. Magni Ausonii Burdigalensis, Opera Omnia, vol. 2 (London: Valpy, 1823), in usum Delphini, containing the Mosella with notes by various hands and a paraphrase in Latin. [2]
  • N. Lemaire, Poeti Latini Minores vol. 1 (Paris, 1824), Latin text with notes in Latin. [3]
  • D. Magni Ausonii Opuscula, ed. C. Schenkl (Berlin: Weidmann, 1883), Latin text with apparatus. [4]
  • Decimi Magni Ausonii Burdigalensis Opuscula, ed. Rudolf Pieper (Leipzig: Teubner, 1886), Latin text with apparatus. [5] [6]


  • David Parsons [7]

Transieram celerem nebuloso flumine Nauam

I had crossed the swift Nava with its misty flow

The modern Nahe, which joins the Rhine at Bingen (Lat. Vincum, prob. the same place as Lat. Bingium). Julian repaired the fortifications of Bingium while in Gallia (Amm. Marc. 18.2). [Smith's Dict. of Gk. and Roman Geog.]

addita miratus ueteri noua moenia Vinco,

amazed at the new walls added to old Vincum

aequauit Latias ubi quondam Gallia Cannas

where once Gaul equalled Latian Cannae

infletaeque iacent inopes super arua cateruae.

and penniless troops lie dead upon the fields, unwept.

The reference is perhaps to a battle of Julian, who defeated and killed a large number of Franks, Salii and Quadi at Vincum.

Vnde iter ingrediens nemorosa per auia solum

Beginning my lonely journey from there through trackless woodlands

et nulla humani spectans uestigia cultus

and spying no traces of civilization

praetereo arentem sitientibus undique terris

I pass by dry Dumnissum, the land parched on all sides

Dumnissum riguasque perenni fonte Tabernas

and Tabernae, well-watered by its perpetual spring,

Aruaque Sauromatum nuper metata colonis:

and the fields of the Sauromates, recently measured out for colonists:

et tandem primis Belgarum conspicor oris

and at last I catch sight of the beginning of the territory of the Belgian Noiomages,

Noiomagum, diui castra inclita Constantini.

famed camp of the divine Constantine.

Purior hic campis aer Phoebusque sereno

Here the air over the fields is purer, and Phoebus

lumine purpureum reserat iam sudus Olympum;

bright now with his clear light, opens radiant Olympus;

Nec iam consertis per mutua uincula ramis

no longer through the mutual link of boughs woven together

quaeritur exclusum uiridi caligine caelum;

is the sky sought for, shut out by black mist;

sed liquidum iubar et rutilam uisentibus aethram

but the free breeze of perspicuous day does not begrudge

libera perspicui non inuidet aura diei.

onlookers the transparent rays and the ruddy sky.

In speciem tum me patriae cultumque nitentis

Then all things drove me toward the sight of my fatherland,

Burdigalae blando pepulerunt omnia uisu:

the elegance of shining Bordeaux, with its pleasing aspect:

culmina uillarum pendentibus edita ripis

the peaks of country estates, raised up on the hovering banks

et uirides Baccho colles et amoena fluenta

and the hills green with the grapes of Bacchus, and the lovely waters

subter labentis tacito rumore Mosellae.

of the Moselle flowing silently beneath.

Salue, amnis, laudate agris, laudate colonis,

Greetings, river, admired for your adjacent fields, admired for your farmers,

dignata imperio debent cui moenia Belgae:

to you the Belgae owe their city, deemed worthy of empire:

amnis odorifero iuga uitea consite Baccho,

o river with Bacchus fragrant grape planted on your vineyard-filled ridges,

consite gramineas, amnis uiridissime, ripas:

o greenest river, planted on your grassy banks:

Nauiger ut pelagus, deuexas pronus in undas

You are like the ship-bearing ocean, like a river sloping down to the sea

Vt fluuius, uitreoque lacus imitate profundo

and like a lake with its glassy depths

Et riuos trepido potes aequiperare meatu

and you can equal streams in their trembling course

Et liquido gelidos fontes praecellere potu:

and you can excel chilly springs in liquid draught:

Omnia solus habes, quae fons, quae riuus et amnis

you alone have everything that the spring has, that the stream and river has

Et lacus et biuio refluus manamine pontus.

and the lake and the sea that flows back with a dual tide.

Tu placidis praelapsus aquis nec murmura uenti

You slip by with placid waters, nor do you suffer the murmurs of the wind,

Vlla nec occulti pateris luctamina saxi.

nor any struggling against hidden rocks.

Non spirante uado rapidos properare meatus

You are not compelled to hurry your rapid flow with roaring water

spirante = "boiling up, foaming," as at Vergil Georgics 1.327: fervet fretis spirantibus aequor.

Cogeris, extantes medio non aequore terras

you have no protruding lands in the middle of your stream to interrupt you,

Interceptus habes, iusti ne demat honorem

to lessen the just honor of your name

Nominis, exclusum si diuidat insula flumen.

if an island should divide and shut off your flow.

Tu duplices sortite uias, et cum amne secunda

You offer two ways to travel: both when you flow down with your speedy stream,

Defluis, ut celeres feriant uada concita remi,

so that fast oars strike your rushing waters,

Et cum per ripas nusquam cessante remulco

and also when, with a tow-rope that never stops along your banks,

Intendunt collo malorum uincula nautae.

sailors strain the knots on the neck of the mast.

Ipse tuos quotiens miraris in amne recursus

How often are you yourself surprised at the speed of ships returning upstream

Legitimosque putas prope segnius ire meatus!

and suppose that the natural flow (i.e., towards the sea) goes almost more slowly (than the ships being dragged against the current by tow-ropes)!

Tu neque limigenis ripam praetexeris uluis,

You neither cover your shore with mud-born rushes,

Nec piger immundo perfundis litora caeno:

nor sluggishly ooze filthy muck onto the bank:

Sicca in primores pergunt uestigia lymphas.

one walks with dry feet to the very edge of the water.

I nunc et Phrygiis sola leuia consere crustis

Go ahead, cover the smooth ground with inlaid shell of Phrygian stone,

Tendens marmoreum laqueata per atria campum;

stretching a marble floor over an atrium decorated with a coffered ceiling;

Ast ego despectis, quae census opesque dederunt,

as for me, spurning the things that property and wealth provide,

Naturae mirabor opus, non cura nepotum

I will admire the work of nature, not the enthusiasm of spendthrifts,

Laetaque iacturis ubi luxuriatur egestas.

where poverty born of luxury rejoices in its own wasteful expense.

Hic solidae sternunt umentia litora harenae,

Here, hard sand paves the damp shore,

Nec retinent memores uestigia pressa figuras.

and does not retain the lingering impressions of footprints.

Spectaris uitreo per leuia terga profundo,

You are looked through a smooth surface to glassy depths,

Secreti nihil amnis habens: utque almus aperto

a river with no secrets: just as the bountiful air,

Panditur intuitu liquidis obtutibus aer

lies open to clear view with an unobstructed gaze,

nec placidi prohibent oculos per inania uenti,

nor do clam winds prevent the eyes from seeing through the void,

sic demersa procul durante per intima uisu

just so we perceive from afar things submerged with a sight that penetrates the inmost deep,

cernimus arcanique patet penetrale profundi,

and the secret inner sanctum of the depths lies open,

cum uada lene meant liquidarum et lapsus aquarum

when the current flows gently and the gliding of the liquid waters

prodit caerulea dispersas luce figuras:

reveals shapes scattered throughout in the sky-blue reflected light:

quod sulcata leui crispatur harena meatu,

so that sand curls in furrows made by the gentle flow,

quod = ut here and in the next line.

inclinata tremunt uiridi quod gramina fundo;

and bent down grass waves upon with green river bottom;

usque sub ingenuis agitatae fontibus herbae 65

seaweed, constantly agitated beneath the natural waters

ingenui = natural, not artificial, as Lucr. 1.230.

vibrantes patiuntur aquas lucetque latetque

endures the coursing streams, and pebbles both shine through and lie hidden

calculus et uiridem distinguit glarea muscum:

and gravel speckles verdant moss:

Tota Caledoniis talis pictura Britannis,

The whole picture is similar to that on the coasts of Scotland,

cum uirides algas et rubra corallia nudat

when the receding tide exposes green seaweed and reddisg coral

aestus et albentes, concharum germina, bacas, 70

and whitish pearls, the seeds of oysters,

delicias hominum, locupletibus atque sub undis

the playthings of men, and beneath the wealthy waves

assimulant nostros imitata monilia cultus.

they resemble our jewelry, imitating necklaces.

Haud aliter placidae subter uada laeta Mosellae

Just so beneath the happy waters of the placid Moselle,

detegit admixtos non concolor herba lapillos.

water grass of contrasting colors highlights the pebbles mixed among it.

Intentos tamen usque oculos errore fatigant 75

The slippery schools of fish, playing about,

Interludentes, examina lubrica, pisces.

wear out with their wandering the observer's eyes, however constantly attentive they may be.

Sed neque tot species obliquatosque natatus

But one cannot describe so many shapes, so many oblique swimmings,

quaeque per aduersum succedunt agmina flumen,

and so many armies of fish that swim against the current,

nominaque et cunctos numerosae stirpis alumnos

and so many names, and all the children of numerous stock;

edere fas aut ille sinit, cui cura secundae 80

it is not right to say it all, nor does he permit it, who obtained care of the second element

sortis et aequorei cessit tutela tridentis.

and the protection of the watery trident.

Tu mihi flumineis habitatrix Nais in oris,

Come, Nymph, you who inhabit with river shores,

squamigeri gregis ede choros liquidoque sub alueo

tell me of the schools of the scale-clad flock, and beneath the river bed

dissere caeruleo fluitantes amne cateruas.

describe to me the schools that swim in the sky blue water.

Squameus herbosas capito inter lucet harenas 85

The scaly capito gleams amidst the grassy sands

viscere praetenero fartim congestus aristis

stuffed full with fish bones in his very tender innards

nec duraturus post bina trihoria mensis,

and destined not to last more than six hours on the table,

purpureisque salar stellatus tergora guttis,

and the salar, speckled with purple droplets on his back,

et nullo spinae nociturus acumine rhedo,

and the rhedo that has no pointy bones to harm (the diner),

rhedo is spelled redo, redonis, m. in Lewis & Short.

effugiensque oculos celeri leuis umbra natatu. 90

and the light umbra that escapes the eyes with its swift swimming.

Tuque per obliqui fauces uexate Saraui,

And you, river barbel, moved violently through the mouth of the winding Saar,

Qua bis terna fremunt scopulosis ostia pilis,

where six mouths roar through rocky piles

The Saar flows into the Moselle near Conz, just after being spanned by a bridge of seven piles.

Cum defluxisti famae maioris in amnem,

when you have flowed down into a more famous river

liberior laxos exerces, barbe, natatus:

you enjoy freer, wider swimming.

Tu melior peiore aeuo, tibi contigit omni 95

You (river barbel) grow better in old age, to you alone of all

Spirantum ex numero non illaudata senectus.

breathing things has befallen a not unpraiseworthy old age.

The river barbel does not lose its taste with old age.

Nec te puniceo rutilantem uiscere, salmo,

Nor should I pass over you, salmon, reddish in your rosy-colored flesh,

Transierim, latae cuius uaga uerbera caudae

the wavering beating of whose wide tails

Gurgite de medio summas referuntur in undas,

are transmitted from the middle of the river up to the surface,

Occultus placido cum proditur aequore pulsus. 100

when a hidden beating is revealed by placid water.

Tu loricato squamosus pectore, frontem

You (salmon), your chest clothed in scaly mail,

Lubricus et dubiae facturus fercula cenae

your forehead slippery, you make it difficult to choose at dinner,

lit.: "about to make a dish of a doubtful dinner," i.e. one that is so good one hesitates over what to choose.

Tempora longarum fers incorrupte morarum,

you endure long delays without spoiling,

Praesignis maculis capitis, cui prodiga nutat

remarkable because of the spots on your head, your prodigious belly sways,

Aluus opimatoque fluens abdomine uenter.

and your rich abdomen with its excellent stomach.

Note the piling up of synonyms. Fluens should mean lax or slack, but combined with prodigus in the previous line it suggests the richness and abundance of the flesh of the belly.

Quaeque per Illyricum, per stagna binominis Histri

Spumarum indiciis caperis, mustela, natantum

In nostrum subuecta fretum, ne lata Mosellae

Flumina tam celebri defraudarentur alumno.

Quis te naturae pinxit color! atra superne

Puncta notant tergum, qua lutea circuit iris;

Lubrica caeruleus perducit tergora fucus;

Corporis ad medium fartim pinguescis, at illinc

Vsque sub extremam squalet cutis arida caudam.

Nec te, delicias mensarum, perca, silebo,

Amnigenos inter pisces dignande marinis,

Solus puniceis facilis contendere mullis:

Nam neque gustus iners solidoque in corpore partes

Segmentis coeunt, sed dissociantur aristis.

Hic etiam Latio risus praenomine, cultor

Stagnorum, querulis uis infestissima ranis,

Lucius, obscuras ulua caenoque lacunas

The wary luce (pike) mid wrack and rushes hid

Obsidet; hic nullos mensarum lectus ad usus

Feruet fumosis olido nidore popinis.

Quis non et uirides, uulgi solacia, tincas

Norit et alburnos, praedam puerilibus hamis,

Stridentesque focis, obsonia plebis, alausas?

Teque inter species geminas neutrumque et utrumque,

Qui necdum salmo nec iam salar ambiguusque

Amborum medio, sario, intercepte sub aeuo?

Tu quoque flumineas inter memorande cohortes,

Gobio, non geminis maior sine pollice palmis,

Praepinguis, teres, ouipara congestior aluo

Propexique iubas imitatus, gobio, barbi.

Nunc, pecus aequoreum, celebrabere, magne silure,

Quem velut Actaeo perductum tergora oliuo

Amnicolam delphina reor: sic per freta magnum

Laberis et longi uix corporis agmina solves

Aut breuibus defensa uadis aut fluminis uluis.

At cum tranquillos moliris in amne meatus,

Te uirides ripae, te caerula turba natantum,

Te liquidae mirantur aquae: diffunditur alueo

Aestus et extremi procurrunt margine fluctus.

Talis Atlantiaco quondam ballena profundo,

Cum uento motuue suo telluris ad oras

Pellitur, exclusum fundit mare, magnaque surgunt

Aequora, uicinique timent deereseere montes.

Hic tamen, hie nostrae mitis ballena Mosellae

Exitio procul est magnoque honor additus amni.

Iam liquidas spectasse uias et lubriea pisces

Agmina multiplicesque satis numerasse cateruas.

Indueant aliam spectacula uitea pompam

Sollicitentque uagos Baccheia munera uisus,

Qua sublimis apex longo super ardua tractu

Et rupes et aprica iugi flexusque sinusque

Vitibus assurgunt naturalique theatro.

Gauranum sie alma iugum uindemia uestit

Et Rhodopen, proprioque nitent Pangaea Lyaeo;

Sic uiret Ismarius super aequora Thracia collis;

Sic mea flauentem pingunt uineta Garunnam.

Summis quippe iugis tendentis in ultima cliui

Conseritur uiridi fluuialis margo Lyaeo.

Laeta operum plebes festinantesque coloni

Vertice nunc summo properant, nunc deiuge dorso,

Certantes stolidis clamoribus. Inde uiator

Riparum subiecta terens, hinc nauita labens

Probra canunt seris cultoribus: astrepit ollis

Et rupes et silua tremens et concauus amnis.

Nec solos homines delectat scaena locorum:

Hic ego et agrestes Satyros et glauca tuentes

Naidas extremis credam concurrere ripis,

Capripedes agitat cum laeta proteruia Panas

Insultantque uadis trepidasque sub amne sorores

Terrent indocili pulsantes uerbere fluctum.

Saepe etiam mediis furata e collibus uuas

Inter Oreiadas Panope fluuialis amicas

Fugit lasciuos, paganica numina, Faunos.

Dicitur et, medio cum sol stetit aureus orbe,

Ad commune fretum Satyros uitreasque sorores

Consortes celebrare choros, cum praebuit horas

Secretas hominum coetu flagrantior aestus;

Tunc insultantes sua per freta ludere Nymphas

Et Satyros mersare uadis rudibusque natandi

Per medias exire manus, dum lubrica falsi

Membra petunt liquidosque fouent pro corpore fluctus.

Sed non haec spectata ulli nec cognita uisu

Fas mihi sit pro parte loqui: secreta tegatur

Et commissa suis lateat reuerentia riuis.

Illa fruenda palam species, cum glaucus opaco

Respondet colli fluuius, frondere uidentur

Fluminei latices et palmite consitus amnis.

Quis color ille uadis, seras cum propulit umbras

Hesperus et uiridi perfundit monte Mosellam!

Tota natant crispis iuga motibus et tremit absens

Pampinus et uitreis uindemia turget in undis.

Annumerat uirides derisus nauita uites,

Nauita caudiceo fluitans super aequora limbo

Per medium, qua sese amni confundit imago

Collis et umbrarum confinia conserit amnis.

Haec quoque quam dulces celebrant spectacula pompas,

Remipedes medio certant cum flumine lembi

Et uarios ineunt flexus uiridesque per oras

Stringunt attonsis pubentia germina pratis!

Puppibus et proris alacres gestire magistros

Impubemque manum super amnica terga uagantem

Dum spectat, [uiridis qua surgit ripa, colonus,

Non sentit] transire diem, sua seria ludo

Posthabet: excludit ueteres noua gratia curas.

Tales Cumano despectat in aequore ludos

Liber, sulphurei cum per iuga consita Gauri

Perque uaporiferi graditur uineta Veseui,

Cum Venus Actiacis Augusti laeta triumphis

Ludere lasciuos fera proelia iussit Amores,

Qualia Niliacae classes Latiaeque triremes

Subter Apollineae gesserunt Leucados arces,

Aut Pompeiani Mylasena pericula belli

Euboicae referunt per Auerna sonantia cumbae:

Innocuos ratium pulsus pugnasque iocantes

Naumachiae, Siculo qualis spectala Peloro,

Caeruleus uiridi reparat sub irnagine pontus.

Non aliam speciem petulantibus addit ephebis

Pubertasque amnisque et picti rostra phaseli.

Hos Hyperionio cum sol perfuderit aestu,

Reddit nautales uitreo sub gurgite formas

Et redigit pandas inuersi corporis umbras.

Vtque agiles motus dextra laeuaque frequentant

Et commutatis alternant pondera remis,

Vnda refert alios, simulacra umentia, nautas:

Ipsa suo gaudet simulamine nautica pubes

Fallaces fluuio mirata redire figuras.

Sic ubi compositos ostentatura capillos,

Candentem late speculi explorantis honorem

Cum primum carae nutrix admouit alumnae,

Laeta ignorato fruitur uirguncula ludo

Germanaeque putat formam spectare puellae:

Oscula fulgenti dat non referenda metallo

Aut fixas praetemptat acus aut frontis ad oram

Vibratos captat digitis extendere crines:

Talis ad umbrarum ludibria nautica pubes

Ambiguis fruitur ueri falsique figuris.

lam uero accessus faciles qua ripa ministrat,

Scrutatur toto populatrix turba profundo

Heu male defensos penetrali flumine pisces.

Hic medio procul amne trahens umentia lina

Nodosis decepta plagis examina uerrit;

Ast hic, tranquillo qua labitur agmine flumen,

Ducit corticeis fluitantia retia signis;

Ille autem scopulis deiectas pronus in undas

Inclinat lentae conexa caeumina uirgae

Inductos escis iaciens letalibus hamos.

Quos ignara doli postquam uaga turba natantum

Rictibus inuasit patulaeque per intima fauces

Sera occultati senserunt uulnera ferri,

Dum trepidant, subit indicium crispoque tremor

Vibrantis saetae nutans consentit harundo:

Nec mora et excussam stridenti uerbere praedam

Dexter in obliquum raptat puer; excipit ictum

Spiritus, ut fractis quondam per inane flagellis

Aura crepat motoque assibilat aere uentus.

Exultant udae super arida saxa rapinae

Luciferique pauent letalia tela diei,

Cuique sub amne suo mansit uigor, aere nostro

Segnis anhelatis uitam consumit in auris.

Iam piger inualido uibratur corpore plausus,

Torpida supremos patitur iam cauda tremores,

Nec coeunt rictus, haustas sed hiatibus auras

Reddit mortiferos expirans branchia flatus.

Sic ubi fabriles exercet spiritus ignes,

Accipit alterno cohibetque foramine uentos

Lanea fagineis alludens parma cauernis.

Vidi egomet quosdam leti sub fine trementes

Collegisse animas, mox in sublime citatos

Cernua subiectum praeceps dare corpora in amnem

Desperatarum potientes rursus aquarum.

Quos impos damni puer inconsultus ab alto

Impetit et stolido captat prensare natatu.

Sic Anthedonius Boeotia per freta Glaucus,

Gramina gustatu postquam exitialia Circes

Expertus carptas moribundis piscibus herbas

Sumpsit, Carpathium subiit nouus accola pontum.

Ille hamis et rete potens, scrutator operti

Nereos, aequoream solitus conuerrere Tethyn,

Inter captiuas fluitauit praedo cateruas.

Talia despectant longo per caerula tractu

Pendentes saxis instanti culmine uillae,

Quas medius dirimit sinuosis flexibus errans

Amnis, et alternas comunt praetoria ripas.

Quis modo Sestiacum pelagus, Nepheleidos Helles

Aequor, Abydeni freta quis miretur ephebi?

Quis Chalcedonio constratum ab litore pontum,

Regis opus magni, mediis euripus ubi undis

Europaeque Asiaeque uetat concurrere terras?

Non hic dira freti rabies, non saeua furentum

Proelia caurorum; licet hic commercia linguae

Iungere et alterno sermonem texere pulsu.

Blanda salutiferas permiscent litora uoces

Et uoces et paene manus: resonantia utrimque

Verba refert mediis concurrens fluctibus echo.

Quis potis innumeros cultusque habitusque retexens

Pandere tectonicas per singula praedia formas?

Non hoc spernat opus Gortynius aliger, aedis

Conditor Euboicae, casus quem fingere in auro

Conantem Icarios patrii pepulere dolores;

Non Philo Cecropius, non qui laudatus ab hoste

Clara Syracosii traxit certamina belli.

Forsan et insignes hominumque operumque labors

Hic habuit decimo celebrata uolumine Mareei

Hebdomas, hic clari uiguere Menecratis artes

Atque Ephesi spectata manus uel in arce Mineruae

Ictinus, magico cui noetua perlita fuco

Allicit omne genus uolucres perimitque tuendo.

Conditor hic forsan fuerit Ptolomaidos aulae

Dinochares, quadro cui in fastigia cono

Surgit et ipsa suas consumit pyramis umbras.

Iussus ob incesti qui quondam foedus amoris

Arsinoen Pharii suspendit in aere templi;

Spirat enim tecti testudine corus achates

Amatamque trahit ferrato crine puellam.

Hos ergo aut horum similes est credere dignum

Belgarum in terris scaenas posuisse domorum

Molitos celsas fluuii decoramina uillas.

Haec est natura sublimis in aggere saxi,

Haec procurrentis fundata crepidine ripae,

Haec refugit captumque sinu sibi uindicat amnem.

Illa tenens collem, qui plurimus imminet amni,

Vsurpat faciles per culta, per aspera uisus

Vtque suis fruitur felix speculatio terris.

Quin etiam riguis humili pede condita pratis

Compensat celsi bona naturalia montis

Sublimique minans irrumpit in aethera tecto

Ostentas altam, Pharos ut Memphitica, turrim.

Huic proprium clausos consaepto gurgite pisces

Apricas scopulorum inter captare nouales.

Haec summis innixa iugis labentia subter

Flumina despectu iam caligante tuetur.

Atria quid memorem uiridantibus assita pratis

Innumerisque super nitentia tecla columnis?

Quid quae fluminea substructa crepidine fumant

Balnea, feruenti cum Mulciber haustus operto

Voluit anhelatas tectoria per caua flammas

Inclusum glomerans aestu expirante uaporem?

Vidi ego defessos multo sudore lauacri

Fastidisse lacus et frigora piscinarum,

Vt uiuis fruerentur aquis, mox amne refotos

Plaudenti gelidum flumen pepulisse natatu.

Quod si Cumanis huc afforet hospes ab oris,

Crederet Euboicas simulacra exilia Baias

His donasse locis: tantus cultusque nitorque

Allicit et nullum parit oblectatio luxum.

Sed mihi qui tandem finis tua glauca fluent

Dicere dignandumque mari memorare Mosellam,

Innumeri quod te diuersa per ostia late

Incurrunt amnes? quamquam differre meatus

Possent, sed celerant in te consumere nomen.

Namque et Promeae Nemesaeque adiuta meatu

Sura tuas properat non degener ire sub undas,

Sura interceptis tibi gratificata fluentis,

Nobilius permixta tuo sub nomine, quam si

Ignoranda patri confunderet oslia ponto.

Te rapidus Celbis, te marmote clarus Erubris

Festinant famulis quam primum allambere lymphis:

Nobilibus Celbis celebratus piscibus, ille

Praecipiti torquens cerealia saxa rotatu

Stridentesque trahens per leuia marmora serras

Audit perpetuos ripa ex utraque tumultus.

Praetereo exilem Lesuram tenuemque Drahonum

Nec fastiditos Salmonae usurpo fluores:

Nauiger undisona dudum me mole Sarauus

Tota ueste uocat, longum qui distulit amnem,

Fessa sub Augustis ut uolueret ostia muris.

Nec minor hoc, tacitum qui per sola pinguia labens

Stringit frugiferas felix Alisontia ripas.

Mille alii, prout quemque suus magis impetus urget,

Esse tui cupiunt: tantus properantibus undis

Ambitus aut mores. Quod si tibi, dia Mosella,

Smyrna suum uatem uel Mantua clara dedisset,

Cederet Iliacis Simois memoratus in oris,

Nec praeferre suos auderet Thybris honores.

Da ueniam, da, Roma potens! pulsa, oro, facessat

Inuidia et Latiae Nemesis non cognita linguae:

Imperii sedem Romae tenuere parentes.

Salue, magne parens frugum uirumque, Mosella!

Te clari proceres, te bello exercita pubes,

Aemula te Latiae decorat facundia linguae.

Quin etiam mores et laetum fronte serena

Ingenium natura tuis concessit alumnis;

Nec sola antiquos ostentat Roma Catones,

Aut unus tantum iusti sectator et aequi

Pollet Aristides ueteresque illustrat Athenas.

Verum ego quid laxis nimium spatiatus habenis

Victus amore tui praeconia detero? conde,

Musa, chelyn pulsis extremo carmine netis.

Tempus erit, cum me studiis ignobilis oti

Mulcentem curas seniique aprica fouentem

Materiae commendet honos; cum facta uiritim

Belgarum patriosque canam, decora inclita, mores:

Mollia subtili nebunt mihi carmina filo

Pierides tenuique aptas subtemine telas

Percurrent: dabitur nostris quoque purpura fusis.

Quis mihi tum non dictus erit? memorabo quietos

Agricolas legumque catos fandique potentes,

Praesidium sublime reis; quos curia summos

Municipum uidit proceres propriumque senatum,

Quos praetextati celebris facundia ludi

Contulit ad ueteris praeconia Quintiliani,

Quique suas rexere urbes purumque tribunal

Sanguine et innocuas illustrauere secures,

Aut Italum populos aquilonigenasque Britannos

Praefecturarum titulo tenuere secundo;

Quique caput rerum, Romam, populumque patresque

Tantum non primo rexit sub nomine, quamuis

Par fuerit primis: festinat soluere tandem

Errorem fortuna suum libataque supplens

Praemia iam ueri fastigia reddat honoris

Nobilibus repetenda nepotibus. At modo coeptum

Detexatur opus, dilata et laude uirorum

Dicamus laeto per rura uirentia tractu

Felicem fluuium Rhenique sacremus in undas.

Caeruleos nunc, Rhene, sinus hyaloque uirentem

Pande peplum spatiumque noui metare fluent

Fraternis cumulandus aquis. Nec praemia in undis

Sola, sed Augustae ueniens quod moenibus urbis

Spectauit iunctos natique patrisque triumphos

Hostibus exactis Nicrum super et Lupodunum

Et fontem Latiis ignotum annalibus Histri.

Haec profligati uenit modo laurea belli,

Hinc alias aliasque feret. Vos pergite iuncti

Et mare purpureum gemino propellite tractu.

Neu uereare minor, pulcherrime Rhene, uideri:

Inuidiae nihil hospes habet; potiere perenni

Nomine: tu fratrem famae securus adopta.

Diues aquis, diues Nymphis, largitor utrique

Alueus extendet geminis diuortia ripis

Communesque uias diuersa per ostia fundet.

Accedent uires, quas Francia quasque Chamaues

Germanique tremant: tunc uerus habebere limes.

Accedet tanto geminum tibi nomen ab amni,

Cumque unus de fonte fluas, dicere bicornis.

Haec ego, Viuisca ducens ab origine gentem,

Belgarum hospitiis non per noua foedera notus,

Ausonius, nomen Latium, patriaque domoque

Gallorum extremos inter celsamque Pyrenen,

Temperat ingenuos qua laeta Aquitanica mores,

Audax exigua fide concino. Fas mihi sacrum

Perstrinxisse amnem tenui libamine Musae.

Nec laudem affecto, ueniam peto. Sunt tibi multi,

Alme amnis, sacros qui sollicitare fluores

Aonidum totamque solent haurire Aganippen.

Ast ego quanta mei dederit se uena liquoris,

Burdigalam cum me in patriam nidumque senectae

Augustus, pater et nati, mea maxima cura,

Fascibus Ausoniis decoratum et honore curuli

Mittent emeritae post munera disciplinae,

Latius Arctoi praeconia persequar amnis.

Addam urbes, tacito quas subter laberis alueo,

Moeniaque antiquis te prospectantia muris;

Addam praesidiis dubiarum condita rerum,

Sed modo securis non castra, sed horrea Belgis;

Addam felices ripa ex utraque colonos

Teque inter medios hominumque boumque labors

Stringentem ripas et pinguia culta secantem.

Non tibi se Liger anteferet, non Axona praeceps,

Matrona non, Gallis Belgisque intersita finis,

Santonico refluus non ipse Carantonus aestu.

Concedet gelido Durani de monte uolutus

Amnis, et auriferum postponet Gallia Tarnen,

Insanumque ruens per saxa rotantia late

In mare purpureum dominae tamen ante Mosellae

Numine adorato Tarbellicus ibit Aturrus.

Corniger externas celebrande Mosella per oras,

Nec solis celebrande locis, ubi fonte superno

Exeris auratum taurinae frontis honorem

Quaque trahis placidos sinuosa per arua meatus

Vel qua Germanis sub portibus ostia soluis:

Si quis honos tenui uolet aspirare Camenae,

Perdere si quis in his dignabitur otia Musis,

Ibis in ora hominum laetoque fouebere cantu.

Te fontes uiuique lacus, te caerula noscent

Flumina, te ueteres, pagorum gloria, luci,

Te Druna, te sparsis incerta Druentia ripis

Alpinique colent fluuii duplicemque per urbem

Qui meat et Dextrae Rhodanns dat nomina ripae;

Te stagnis ego caeruleis magnumque sonoris

Amnibus, aequoreae te commendabo Garunnae.