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This site is intended as a companion and aid to the course Introduction to Roman Poetry (Latin 112) at the Dickinson College Department of Classical Studies, taught by Prof. Christopher Francese. It contains a Latin text of Catullus with running vocabulary lists. The lists are meant to be learned prior to the reading of each poem in class.

Glass Portrait from Pompeii

Catullus Complete Vocabulary List

Digitized print editions of Catullus (see Classicsindex):

  • Catullus: carmina ed. G.P. Goold (1983), at Packard Humanities Institute Latin Texts. [1]
  • Catullus, edited with notes by E.T. Merrill (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1893, repr. 1951). [2]
  • Catulli Veronensis Liber, ed. Aemilius Baeherns, vol. 1 with text, incl. references to and imitations of Catullus in other Latin authors (Leipzig: Teubner, 1893).[3]