How to Use the TLG

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TLG (Thesaurus Linguae Graecae) database of Greek texts.

how to find it:

Dickinson Home Page > LIS home page > Databases > Classics > Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

how to use it:

To browse a work by Homer (or any other author)

1. accept terms and continue
2. enter option A, “Unicode input and display”
3. in “Author name or canon #” field, type HOMERUS
4. under option 1 (“Homerus Epic.”), click “show works”
5. click “Browse” on the work you want to browse
6. select a book number from the dropdown, then type in the exact line number if you have it
7. On the left hand margin in the “Links” dropdown, make sure “TLG links” is chosen. This makes every word linked.
8. Click on any word to display the possible dictionary forms in the upper right margin.
9. Click on “Liddel-Scott-Jones” to see the full dictionary entry on that lemma in a new tab.

To search for all occurrences of a particular word in the TLG:

1. click “simple text search” in the left hand margin.
2. make sure your keyboard is in Greek input mode
3. accents are not necessary
4. If there is a list of possible lemmata, click on the one you want
5. This will bring up a list of all extant forms derived from the lemma. If you want to see them all, click “search all forms”
6. If you want to see only a selection of the possible forms, check those and click “selected forms”
7. to order results by date, check the box “order by date” in the left margin