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Roman Customs relevant to Caesar's Gallic Ethnography in Book 6 of the Gallic War ( 6.13-20)
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D'Espouy, The Column of Trajan

The Roman Plebs (see BG 6.13)

Roman Nobles (see BG 6.13)

Roman Priests (See BG 6.13)

Roman Education (See BG 6.14)

Roman Equites (see BG 6.15)

Roman Patronage (see BG 6.15)

Spoils and the Roman Army (see BG 6.17)

Roman Child Rearing (see BG 6.18)

Roman Dowry Customs (see BG 6.19)

Roman Marriage Customs (see BG 6.19)

Patria Potestas (see BG 6.19)

Roman Funeral Customs (see BG 6.19)